The Calm Before the Storm - Inside the Buccaneers Baseball Team with Kyle Vesnesky

The Calm Before the Storm - Inside the Buccaneers Baseball Team with Kyle Vesnesky

CHARLESTON, S.C. - My name is Kyle Vesnesky and I am a shortstop for your 2018 Buccaneer Baseball team, as well as interning for the CSU Athletic Media Relations department this spring. This spring I have been given the opportunity to offer a more inside perspective of what goes on behind the scenes of our baseball program.

Throughout the season I will share information about our team and activities to give the readers a sense of tangibility. I will be writing from my perspective for the most part but I will also add some tidbits from interviews and one-on-ones that I will conduct throughout the spring. Enjoy!

January is a month of infrastructure in the college baseball world.

Players scramble to get a class schedule that complements our increasingly busy "work week." Coaches scramble to get baseball work in while abiding by all the NCAA practice rules. Our bodies scramble to readjust to what is known as the "grind" which includes, but is not limited to, getting up early, getting to class, getting food, getting to individual work, getting to lift, getting treatment and getting enough sleep while maintaining class assignments and somewhat of a social life.

This month is all about laying the groundwork and preparing for the season as the first pitch inches closer and closer.

As the anticipation for the season grows, so too does the anticipation of the opening of the long-awaited Singleton Complex. A brand-new facility on site constructed in honor of our friend and former teammate, Chris Singleton's tragic loss and ability to stand tall in the face of tragedy. The new locker room, athletic training facility, and conference rooms are expected to be open to the players and coaches before the 2018 season begins on February 16.

While the first month back at school comes closer to an end, baseball operations will be in full bore as team practices and scrimmages will begin to get us into mid-season form as quickly as possible. Walk-up songs will have been selected, denied, and selected again. Picture Day has come and gone and the awkwardness that went with it. We say our heartfelt goodbyes to our old locker room as we look forward to moving into the Singleton Complex.

Our focus will continue to tighten on the upcoming season and the new weight room will continue to be the loudest place on campus second only to when Jack Delongchamps and Jaret Bennett have the Buc Dome rocking for basketball games.

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