Buccaneers wrap up Monday practice session as they enter Spring Game week/Q&A with running back Terrence Wilson

Buccaneers wrap up Monday practice session as they enter Spring Game week/Q&A with running back Terrence Wilson

CHARLESTON, S.C. - When the fog lifted from the field on Monday morning, the Buccaneers football team was wrapping up practice number 12 of the spring season at Buccaneer Field.

CSU continues to make strides under first-year Head Coach Autry Denson and the coaching staff with all eyes turning toward the April 13 Spring Football Game this weekend.

CSU is back on the field two more times prior to the Spring Game with the Bucs hitting the field on both Wednesday morning and Friday morning this week.

The CSU Athletic Communications Department caught up with rising junior running back Terrence Wilson following practice to discuss how spring has progressed, as well as share his thoughts on the running back group as a whole.

What mentality do you and the team have to have with the early morning workouts this spring?
"It's a want-to. We have a lot of guys that want to do it and are putting in the effort. They have the right mentality coming in from doing it from last year to transitioning to this year and getting after it early in the morning."

Coach Armando Allen is new to the team this season, what is it like working with him and what does he bring to the team and coaching staff?
"Coach (Allen) coached at a lot of different places and has experience. We trust him; we know that he knows what he's doing and we're learning from him every day. Not just on the field, but off the field. He's teaching us a lot and is taking time out of his day to work with us and teach us. That's what we like about him. Good guy and good coach – we all feel that way."

Different offense, different mindset – what's the feeling with the offensive unit this spring?
"I feel like everything has been put in, we have to get after it. I feel like the offense, we have to get together as one and just want to do it, want to be the best out there and on the field. We have to get after it 110% every play."

The running backs have always been a great group to be around as a whole – what's it like being in the meeting room and on the field?
"It's funny. We have some funny guys in the room! I say, you'll get a good laugh when you're in there. We have good vibes, when we are in there, we're learning every day."

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