Off the Dribble - Armel Potter

Off the Dribble - Armel Potter

CHARLESTON, S.C. – As the 2016-17 season approaches, we'll let you get to know the Bucs' roster better through interviews with each player. Sophomore Armel Potter was selected Second-Team Preseason All-Big South Conference. Potter is looking forward to growing alongside a deeper, more athletic squad this year. CSU opens the season on Nov. 12 at Florida State and tips off the home slate three days later against Columbia International.

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Q&A with sophomore guard Armel Potter (Communications major at CSU)

Q: Just over two weeks out from the season opener now. Pretty exciting feeling?

A: Yes sir. We're definitely getting excited. The intensity's starting to pick up at practice and you can feel it that the season's right around the corner.

Q: Where has this team improved the most since last year?

A: Definitely on the defensive end. We've got a full team of defenders now. We've got long arms, athletic, we're fast and we can guard the ball pretty well. Adding some new bigs, it definitely helps us down low.

Q: How much have all the new players helped this team?

A: It makes a big difference. Since we've got a full team now, we can actually have people sub in the game. It gives us more energy. We can go out there for five minutes and play hard and then have another five come in that's just as good and do the same thing.

Q: What did you most focus on improving since last year?

A: Being a leader. Definitely being a leader. Just telling people where to go, where to be at. Making sure everybody's energy is up and staying focused and mentally tough.

Q: Does the preseason all-conference pick mean anything to you?

A: Yes, I mean it's definitely a big accomplishment for me but I know I can't stop here and I've still got a lot to show, improve. It's going to be a big season for me.

Q: Funnies teammate here at CSU?

A: Funniest teammate, I gotta go with Javis, Javis Howard, because he's a child. He's a big kid.

Q: Best athlete on the team?

A: Best athlete. I've gotta say myself (laughing). Probably Ugo. Ugo. He may not show it all the time but I know he's a really good athlete.

Q: What kind of impact has Coach McKie had on your game?

A: McKie, he definitely helps me a lot on the basketball side. We watch a lot of film. We dissect it and it's really helped me grow and see the game from different angles. 

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