Robinson helping to lead Bucs as senior (Q&A)

Robinson helping to lead Bucs as senior (Q&A)

CHARLESTON, S.C. – Charleston Southern senior guard Raemond Robinson is one of the team's strongest leaders. Learn more about Robinson below as he prepares to help the Bucs square off against Campbell on Wednesday night.

Robinson buried seven three-pointers and scored a career-high 27 points in a two-point loss to Campbell last February. He had 19 points, including three timely treys, in the Bucs' comeback win over the Fighting Camels a month before that in Buies Creek.

Q&A with CSU senior guard Rae Robinson – 6-2 – Goose Creek, S.C. – Goose Creek HS

Q: How did you end up transferring to CSU from The Citadel?

A: The way I got to CSU was assistant coach Brad Dobbels, before he left, he told me that CSU would be a good fit for me with the playing style and getting to shoot a lot of threes. I'm actually closer to home (laughing). Instead of being 30 minutes away, I'm only five minutes away from my house and my parents can come watch me play every time no matter what, don't have to fight through traffic. They can come any time. I'm happy that I'm here and have the opportunity.

Q: What's most enjoyable about the team's playing style here at CSU?

A: I like it because it's a mixture of drivers and shooters. Our posts are really athletic. We're able to shoot threes because guys like Armel and Cortez can drive so well. It just really helps me out because I can get my feet set.

Q: How would you describe the experience of playing Division I basketball so close to home?

A: It's been good. My first year, I put a lot of pressure on myself because it's a big opportunity and everybody wants you to do so well. The biggest thing for me, playing here locally, is just being able to have everyone come here and watch me play – all my friends, family. If I score in big numbers or have a bad night, I know they're gonna be there and that's just a great feeling to have that support system all the time.

Q: Do you keep up with any of the guys who were part of the Big South regular season championship team in 2014-15?

A: When I came here, Will Saunders kind of took me under his wing and everything I did, I was with him most of the time. I keep in contact with him. We don't talk on a daily basis but when we do, he always say they like shooters so basically just 'keep shooting, stay confident and keep working.'

Q: What was it like playing both football and basketball at Goose Creek?

A: It was tough, man. Literally, I would go from the field to the court. At all times, I was always just doing something and there was no time to rest. Being a two-sport athlete is tough because you can't put it all into one sport. When I decided to give all to one sport, it feels weird because I feel like I'm missing something. It's weird because I know what I'm capable of doing and I'm more confident in this sport. At the end of the day, it was just a relief knowing I could play one in college and it's worked out very well.

Q: You were an all-state linebacker and part of a state championship football team at Goose Creek. What sticks out about that experience?

A: It was a great team. We had a lot of Division I talent. Some schools have a lot of that and don't really prosper. We were playing with each other since recreation league. We all just built up significantly. Our coach always said when we were playing on the B-team, which is like a lower level of junior varsity, if that team would stick together and persevere that our senior year we would win the championship. We listened to him and it just worked out.

Q: Who was the best player on that team?

A: Best player I played with at Goose Creek would have to be, no doubt, Tramel Terry (formerly played at Georgia; now at Jacksonville State). He could do everything – both sides of the ball, return kicks, just a great player.

Q: Could you play football for CSU right now?

A: If I could go out there and play for CSU, right now I have two broken feet (laughing). It sounds good but I'm not quite sure. If I had the training with Coach Scott, I believe I could go and play safety for CSU next year.

Q: How many brothers do you have? What's it been like to get to be close to home and see them grow up?

A: I have three brothers. One older brother who lives up in Madison. I have two younger brothers – one plays at CIU (Columbia International) and the other is going to CIU in the spring. It's good because it actually gives them hope. Seeing me, I'm not the most athletic guy, I'm not the most skilled guy but they know that I work hard to get where I'm at. It shows them if you work hard, you can get to where you want to be. 

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